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Gait: Carefully bred and finished Mountain Horses should have 3 distinct gaits: the "trail walk" ( a loose rein, very relaxed "dog walk"), the "show walk" (a comfortable gait slightly faster than the trail walk), and the "pleasure gait" (smooth and faster still). Each of these gaits (in the order described) should be smooth, but progressively faster than the previous gait.

Way of Going: Some of the Mountain Horses only naturally possess the trail walk and the show walk. These "two gear" horses are sometimes referred to as "Country Trail Pleasure" horses or having a "Country Trail Pleasure" "way of going". The different breeds and show programs have their own nomenclature for categorizing the horses natural "way of going", but generally the following apply "Country Trail Pleasure", "Trail Pleasure", "Classic Pleasure" (or "Show Pleasure") and "Park Pleasure." Even show judges differ on what separates one "way of going" from another, so don't worry if the distinctions seem a little fuzzy.

Knowledgeable Breeding: Superior breeding is the important foundation upon which is built the trusting relationship and patient training. In combination, these fundamentals should produce the satisfying experience that every horse owner strives to achieve. If the breeding stock is inferior or the stallion and mare are mismatched, the temperament or gait may be sources of continual frustration for the hopeful owner of the smooth, well mannered Mountain Horse.

We are "breeders" rather than "horse traders". We have years (and in some cases generations) of experience with our stallions, mares and bloodlines. We remove a horse from our breeding program that does not consistently produce the characteristics for which we breed- a gentle temperament and a smooth gait.

Make sure you begin with the correct bloodlines, temperament and matching of stallion and mare. That is the foundation, upon which you build trust and patient training. Watch out for the "horse trader", looking to make a quick sale.

Patient Development: Once the breeding foundation is in place, the importance of patient development cannot be overstated, if the goals are a long-term relationship with a horse that trusts and responds positively to human interaction, a better quality of life for the horse and greater satisfaction on the part of its human partner. In our experience, patient and gentle trainers are more likely to consistently produce such a horse. Frankly, we believe that female trainers consistently do a better job of starting young horses than their male counterparts.

Not surprisingly, horses "finished" by trainers who are hurried, abrupt or impatient often demonstrate undesirable tendencies. Many trainers hurry from horse to horse to meet their daily riding quota. In some training barns, "show horses" are the passion of the trainer and "trail horses" are simply there to pay the bills. Trail and younger horses go without riding, sometimes for days at a time, when the trainer leaves the barn for shows. Disruption, like impatience, hinders the proper development of the young horse.

We have and can certainly recommend trainers, who share and practice the "slow and gentle start" philosophy that will enhance the natural characteristics of the young Mountain Horse. We are happy to provide recommendations upon request.

Availability: We generally have an excellent selection of foals, weanlings, yearlings, two and three year olds. Most of our foals are sold before they are four. Consequently, we almost never have a gelding older than 3 years of age.

Pricing: Pricing depends upon the individual horse and so generalizations are difficult. Weanlings start at $1,500. Yearlings start at $2,000. 2 year olds start at $3,000. You can expect to pay between $4,000 and $5,000 for a finished 2-3 year old black gelding. For that 2-3 year old chocolate gelding (with a flax or white mane and tail), our pricing would generally range between $5,000 and $8,000. Of course we offer discounts for multiple purchases. We also sell higher priced show horses, breeding stallions and mares, and "breeder packages." Contact Greg (813) 508-2405 for pricing particulars and inventory availability.


Exchange Policy: Provided that you bring the horse back in the same condition, we offer a 30 day exchange policy on any horse you purchase from C&W. Unlike many horse traders, we know, love and stand behind our horses.


Representative Available Horses


Diamond Desire

Diamond Desire:DOB is 3/4/05. He is gelded, KMSHA registered and RMHA fully eligible. He is red chocolate with a white mane and tail. He is halter broke and has had some saddle work. His price is $8,000 as of 2/21/07.

Desert Sultan

Desert is a 6 year old blue eyed cremello gelding registered RMHA and KMSHA. Very gentle and sweet. Striking appearance, with an incredible mane and tail. A phenomenal trail horse for the rider who wants to turn heads.Priced at $10,000.

Rocky's Magnum

Rocky's Magnum: He a dark chocolate gelding with a white mane and tail. DOB 2/23/04. KMSHA Registered. RMHA fully eligible. He has approximately 60 days under saddle as of 2/21/07. Priced at $7500.

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